Gazebo Room Pepper Shooters

From: Johnny & Patti


1 Jar of whole cherry peppers (hot or sweet) Note: Save  the jar and lid! Prosciutto Ham – Sliced Provolone Cheese Sliced 1 bottle of Gazebo Room Dressing and Marinade


1. Cap each pepper and take out the seeds leaving a cavity 2. Take a slice of prosciutto ham and put a slice of provolone cheese on top and roll tightly. Cut in approximately 3/4″ pieces. One piece for each pepper. 3. Carefully stuff each pepper, just take your time, they’ll go in there! 4. Once all peppers are stuffed, place them back in the jar. Now add the Gazebo Room dressing, fill the jar and screw on the cap. Put in the fridge overnight.

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