Nutrition Facts

Individual Product Nutrition Information:

When you pick up a new product in your local grocery store, your first instinct is to turn the bottle around and read the label, so we’ve included full screen photos of the back labels of all of our products right here on our website. Click each flavor below to open a new tab, where you can click to zoom in and examine every detail of our product labels.

Click on each flavor below for ingredients and nutrition information:

About Our Products

Here at Gazebo Room, we are proud to be provide our customers with a line of high quality gourmet products that combine the attention to detail that comes with our small batch production method, with the quality control and food safety standards of a nationally available brand. Our customers are like family to us, so we take extraordinary measures to ensure that the products we sell are of the highest quality.

Our food safety initiatives include, but are not limited to:

* Annual third party audits

* Certified to the GFSI standard through PrimusGFS

* Complete HACCP program

* Kosher Certified (Greek only)

* GMP and Food Safety Training Program.

Allergen Disclaimers:

See individual product labels for applicable allergen information.