Gazebo Room Consumer Complaint Form

Gazebo Room complaint form Here at Gazebo Room, we make it our highest priority to provide our customers with a product line that is far superior to the vast majority of commercially available salad dressings and marinades. Our small batch production process make it possible for us to create such a high quality product, but the large number of units that we produce means that occasionally, a bottle that doesn’t meet our standards may make it through our rigorous inspection process. If you have received a bottle of Gazebo Room that doesn’t meet your standards as a consumer, please take the time to tell us about it by filling out as much of this form as you are able. Please give as much information as possible in the Complaint Details section, including flavor or packaging defect description, how many people consumed the product (please include age), and whether or not any party involved has visited a doctor or spoken to a public health or regulatory agency as a result of the complaint.
An asterisk (*) indicates a required field, but you can type N/A or Not Applicable if you don’t have the necessary information.